Hi there! This is Caff!

Let me introduce myself...

I’m old enough to remember the old web and to have played lots of good videogames. I love retro ones, so if you are curious about them, this is your place! You can also contact me through my email: caffeinatedsleeper@protonmail.com

I overthink about them and create my own theories. You are more than welcome to surf my site and read all the stuff I ramble about. I might not be right, but I sure have fun trying to guess stuff.
I also love writing about why my favorite characters are important to me and what can I learn from them, or how being part of a minority helps me see things differently sometimes. It might be an interesting reading and I promise it won’t be a boring one. Be aware, though: this is not my mother tongue!

Music is also other passion of mine. I have a looooong list of Spotify favorites and sometimes I must scream to the void about them, which makes this web a good candidate to keep all those thoughts in a tidy (or kinda tidy) place. Feel free to recommend me music or to scream how much you love them via email. Yes, like old times!

Infodump to me. Tell me about that time Ganondorf looked at the horizon and how the Japanese translation is different and so poetic and how you cried your heart out. Tell me how Queen used to give popcorn and orange juice so people would come to their concerts and how you would wish you could travel back in time to be there. Tell me about your old phone that had Snake on it and you played so much the keys broke.

If no one wants to hear your fun facts, then come to me. I LOVE THEM. THEY GIVE ME DOPAMINE. I might give you a short answer if I don’t have a lot of time, or a long one adding to the infodump too.

Last thing: I might sound like a zoomer, but I’m one of those persons that think old tech is lovely. I talk about piracy, VHSs, CDs, MP3s, and how I wish I wasn’t so glued to TikTok sometimes even if I actually love it. I think Symbian was amazing OS, and how I wish MSN was still a thing. I also think the new Windows versions are ugly af. Don’t call me out. I’m right on this one.

Updates might come slowly. I’m making this web to reclaim the fun I used to have using the internet before Social Media and monetization took over. This is a bit of an unfiltered me. Please make your own web too and fill it with your favorite things. Trust me on this one.

Let’s get back to the fun internet for once.